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Value chain


Buy junk


We buy medium and large quantities of junk.

Direct mode:
+ Scrap Collection Professionals
+ Demolition Companies
+ Mechanical Workshops.
+ All types of companies, public bodies and organizations that generate medium and high quantities of metallic waste, either with a punctual or periodic character

Through Suppliers:
+ recyclers.


Materials processing


We classify by Product type and quality materials, We clean and then the We pack or grind to be able to send them in an optimal and efficient way to the foundries.


Sale to Foundries


Once processed with the highest levels of quality, we sell the materials to national and international foundries to convert the waste in first quality raw materials ready to re-enter the processes Production of many different metal-related sectors.

Years of experience

Portfolio of products


Stainless steel

Stainless steel



Profile lacquered, anodized, cut, MG, clean Cable, lithograph, rims, Carter, clean boat, shutter, radiator, chip.


Mill Berry, first, second, rubber 40, rubber content, aluminum/copper radiator, mixed radiator, tinned boiler, brass.


Mix, washer, starter, alternator.


Battery, junk.





Scope of Action

Located in the communications node of southern Europe, with access to all types of sea and land transport, we are in the perfect shuttle to get our products to any corner of the world.

Licenses and Certifications
National licenses enable us as an authorized operator for recycling services.

International licenses assume the materialization of our internationalization strategy.

The certifications mark our indispensable commitment to make the maximum effort to achieve operational and environmental excellence.

See Authorization hazardous waste
See Valuation authorization
See Code extension authorization
See Workshop Code authorization

Hymcor is certified in ISO standards of quality, environment and has international license of exports to China. See Quality and environment policy

Where are we?


What leads us?

+ Ecology and Nature Defense
+ Sustainability
+ Professionalism
+ Process Excellence
+ Teamwork
+ Social Responsibility

Hymcor belongs to professional associations of recycling and environmental defense

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